Infant formula has long been a stagnant and stigmatized category. ByHeart didn’t want to just launch a new formula; it set out to revolutionize infant nutrition. With the acquisition of a manufacturing facility, and an ongoing 30-site US clinical trial, the brand is becoming the 4th fully integrated, US based, FDA registered infant nutrition company in the world. ByHeart brought Major Studio in to develop its teaser site, packaging, and support across copy development, art direction, and creation of its social world. Working closely with stakeholders, Major created an informative and intimate experience to welcome the brand to the world.


Packaging Design
Art Direction
We hired Major to help ByHeart think through its initial site, but the team soon became entrenched in conversations happening across the brand. They were so invested in our mission and goals, acting as real partners. Major was incredibly collaborative and a total pleasure to with. We really appreciated their ability not only to understand our positioning and offering, but also the ways they helped us to refine it and translate it visually.
— Kate Berg, Director of Community


Can Photography: ByHeart